Welcome to my project website

This website is a showcase of  a selection of projects I did for the Eindhoven University of Technology as an Architecture student. The showcase serves as an introduction for the Graduation studio: Architecture, Justice and Sustainability 2016-2017
Before I started as an architecture student at the TUe, I have studied at a community school and the college for higher education, both concerning construction engineering. In between I have worked as an assistant project leader at an architectural firm for a few years.
Both design projects and research assignments are part of my learning experience during my studies at the Eindhoven University of Technology. The past few years I was increasingly involved in research projects with redevelopment subject for historical buildings and heritage objects. Doing research on the cultural significance of different objects, buildings or areas.
My passion and experience lie with design rather than doing just research. My interest goes out to sustainable design and redevelopment projects, the design process suits me better then the process of doing research. Reason being that my personal methodology in the process is unstructured methodology, which is not the way when doing research.
The description of this graduation studio got my interest because of the link between the societal function, aesthetical language and sustainability of governmental buildings. Governmental (court) buildings have a certain dignified appearance that conforms to the institute they represent, having their own typology you might say. That aesthetic aspect combined with its constitutional function and the effects/ consequences the serving of justice has on people that come in contact with it is interesting. I’m looking forward to dive into the different aspects and concepts this comprehends and how this translates into a sustainable design.
Fun fact is that my current girlfriend is a master student in International law, and we are both curious how the world of architecture meets the law world on academic level during this graduation project.
Projects are the following: